Know your yard

How large is your yard? If it’s less than a half acre, a walk-behind mower should do the trick. If it’s larger than a half acre, think about a riding mower. In the same time, don’t forget its maneuverability. One more thing we need to consider is a riding mower’s turning radius when you’ll need to circle around a tree or other objects.


Before purchasing a right and reiliable mower, take its comfort level into account. Changjiang is always put customer’s satisfaction in the first. Soft and thick grip for walk-behind lawn mower and large, forward and behind adjustable seat for ride on mower, you’ll find you enjoy your garden working.


One of the most important details to weigh is safety. Any mower you’re considering should automatically shut down if the operator releases the brake lever handle or leave the seat. All of CHANGJIANG mowers will be shut down in 3-5 seconds if you release your brake level. Ensure safety.

After-sale service

Keep in mind that your mower might, and probably will, require maintenance over course of its lifetime. Save yourself time, money and headaches by choosing a reliable manufactuer that offers speedy repair service.

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